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2018-2019 Course Registration Information

KHS CORE And Pathways Night

Feb 13th, 2018


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Career Clusters Information

All students at Kuna High School are required to select a Career Cluster and Pathway as a part of their four year plan. 
Students may change their pathway, if necessary, each year as they move through their high school career.

Cluster Information

Explore the Careers in Each Cluster

KHS Pathways & Registration Guide
Associated with Each Cluster

Careers in Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

(Video 1 ) (Video 2)

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources 

Careers in Architecture, Construction and Renewable Energy

Career in STEM Careers (Video)

Architecture/Construction and STEM Pathways

 Careers in the Arts and Art Related



Arts, AV Technology and Communication

 Careers in Business Management, Finance & Marketing 

(Business Management) (Marketing Video (Finance Video)

Business Management & Administration 

Careers in Education Hospitaliy and Culinary


Education Hospitality and Culinary

Careers in Gov. and Public Admin


Military,Government and Public Administration 

 Careers in Health Science


Health Science 

 Careers in Computer Support, Programming, Computer Science,
Graphic and Web Design, Broadcasting


Information Technology 

 Careers in Law, Safety, Corrections


 Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security

 Careers in Manufacturing



Transportation, Distribution, Logistics Careers

(Video 1, Video 2)

Transportation, Distribution and Logistics