Kuna High School Library Rules


  • Absolutely no food or drink in the library, with the exception of water. No food or liquids to be near computers.


  • Do not re-shelve books unless absolutely sure where they go. If in doubt, leave books on tables or top of bookshelves for library staff.


  • Vandalizing of any sort will be reported to the administration.


  • A library atmosphere will be adhered to at all times. No loud voices, running around, name-calling, inappropriate language or bad behavior will be tolerated. Inappropriate behavior will be reported to the administration.


  • Computers are for school work. Computers will not be used for games, chatting or other actions not school related. Only school-related items may be printed and length must be regulated. Violation of these rules will be reported to the administration. Teachers who have made prior reservations for computers will have priority.


  • Some books have been placed behind the checkout stand and can be checked out by request only.