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Useful Websites


It is our goal to provide useful internet sites for all educational disciplines, interests and needs:
Some sites may require a Login, ask your librarian for login information.

pearsonMath and Science Textbooks

khanHomework Tutoring

googleSearch Engine

General Sites


Libraries Linking Idaho

 worldbookWorld Book Encyclopedia

ebscoOnline Research Database  owlOnline Writing Lab 


Idaho State Government


Idaho State Historical Society


United StatesGovernment


CIA World Factbook


National Geographic Click on the site, and it will take you to National Geographic for education. This site covers all disciplines except math and has lesson plans and activities. Check this site for an incredible selection of reference materials, fiction and nonfiction works and poetry. Includes such items as inaugural address of all American Presidents.

American Rhetoric American Rhetoric offers literally hundreds of speeches - both original by 20th and 21st century speakers - and reenactments of older speakers (example of several by Abraham Lincoln). It has movie clips, video on some and audio on all, regarding famous lines in movies. It has a section on figures in sound (just what does alliteration sound like?) Check this one out for amazing facts and information.

Clutch Prep Watch step-by-step video tutorials that guide you through every chapter in your college textbook



kmn idahosm idahopress


IDED News  Idaho's source for education news

Education Week One of the primary publications for and about education in the United States.


Social Studies


First Nations History This is an amazing site dedicated to information about many Native American peoples.

Harper's Weekly : 1861-1865 This site shows a copy of every Harper's Weekly Magazine published from January 1861 until the end of the Civil War. This is primary research material. Included is art work from other events in American history and additional information on periods of time ranging from the Revolutionary War days, Mexican War, Republic of Texas through the Civil War.

The History Net Provides access to information from various history magazines, a "today in history" page and searchable database into articles from recent magazines.

Info Please Another source for news and information about countries around the world.

Journey Back In Time A fantastic resource of actual newspapers and articles that go back to Colonial times. Log in information is in the library.

English/Language Arts/Literature

National Council of Teachers of English
Useful information for teachers of all grade levels on English and literature, including discussion, publications, lesson plans, conferences and websites.

Life in Elizabethan England A wide variety of information covering all aspects of life in England during the age of Elizabeth I, from games and pastimes to food and fashion.

Elizabethan England and William Shakespeare Incredible source of material about the 1500 and 1600s and in-depth articles regarding the life and writings of Shakespeare and the times in which he and Queen Elizabeth I lived..


Kuna Library

Refdesk A large database of reference resources, Robert's Rules of Order and the rules to just about every game ever made!

Wilson Readers Guide to Periodical Literature An online version of the red book Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature that is used in the library. This service was purchased by Ebsco (see above) in 2011 so don't be alarmed when the link takes you there.

Business and Economics

Business Education Lesson Plans & Resources
A resource of many lesson plans and other tools for teaching business courses and economics

Instructional Materials in Business Education Provides items such as educational games and tools for both business ed and economics.

Foreign Languages

Foreign Language Lesson Plans and Resources A site providing lesson plans, games, and many resources for teaching many foreign languages.

www Resources for Language Teaching Provides a vast web resource for teaching and learning foreign languages.