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Student Performance Groups


Kuna Bands


​Under the direction of Skyler Krall, the purpose of the Kuna High School Band Program is to provide students with a well-balanced music education centered around band performance. We have seven groups.

Students involved in this program will learn about responsibility, time management, relationships, musical expression, discipline, dedication, and music theory and gain skills relative to their instrument.

Band students will be able to experience a variety of music and music ensembles, which will help prepare students for post-secondary educational opportunities and vocations related to music or otherwise.


Kuna Choir

Kuna High School choirs include:

  • Treble Choir
  • Intermediate Women's Choir
  • Advanced Women's Choir
  • Men's Choir
  • Chamber Choir


Drama & Theater

Drama & Theater

ACT III PRODUCTIONS in the producing arm of Kuna High School's Advanced Acting and Technical Theatre classes.

The two classes act as a full production company.

An executive council is elected by the students of each class to manage the company. This company oversees the District and State Drama Competitions as well as the full mainstage season. It is an elite level of creatives and technicians who are learning invaluable soft skills that will propel them in their next phase of life.