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June 2024 Kuna School Board Report

Posted Date: 6/17/24 (7:00 PM)


Kuna School Board Report for June 11, 2024

As we transition to a new communication system, the monthly school board report is changing to a different format.

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  • Board OKs 2024-25 budget with $2.5 million in cuts; new state funds for repairs

  • Board approves the 2024-25 Master Contract

  • Other actions and reports

    • Capital Plan Task Force update

    • Board to consider 2 superintendent search companies in July

    • Board accepts canvass of election votes

  • Policy related decisions

  • Consent agenda

  • Next meeting: July 16, 2024


Board OKs 2024-25 budget with $2.5 million in cuts; new state funds for repairs

Over the next two years, the district needs to cut about $5.2 million in expenses. The cuts are needed to reduce spending to reflect the loss of the supplemental levy, the end of one-time federal COVID funds, and decrease in funding as the state switches from funding enrollment (all students) to attendance (most students).

The Board approved the 2024-25 budget which included the first year of cuts - about $2.5 million. Here's a summary of the cuts:

  • $2.1 million in personnel costs including cutting 20.5 positions

  • $75,000 supplemental curriculum cuts

  • $80,000 eliminating middle school early release busing. Wednesdays will be a full day for middle schools. Early release Wednesdays will continue for elementary schools.

  • $320,000 eliminating student device replacements

  • $70,000 in activities busing

Also included in the 2024-25 budget are about $4.1 million in funds for critical maintenance projects. These funds come from two new state programs as it must be used for facilities maintenance and repairs.

Identifying $3.7 million in additional cuts for 2025-26

Chief Financial Officer Elmira Feather shared that the district will begin working with the Board on the next round of cuts -- about $3.7 million in 2025-26 in July.

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Board approves the 2024-25 Master Contract

Kuna Education Association co-Presidents Melissa Nielsen and Christy Mauk provided an overview of the master contract which details pay and benefits for the district's certified staff. They shared that after two years, the negotiations team finalized its work to merge two salary schedules into a single salary schedule .

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Capital Plan Task Force Update

In a follow up to June's meeting, Assistant Superintendent Kim Bekkedahl shared that she would work with Trustees Thornton and Bruce to re-form the Capital Plan Task Force. The group would likely start work after July.

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Board to consider 2 superintendent search companies in July

Trustees discussed five responses to requests for proposals from superintendent search services. The Board voted to invite two to present to the Board at its July 16 meeting.

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Board accepts canvass of May 21 election votes

Ada and Canyon counties provided the final results for the unsuccessful May 21, 2024 Supplemental Levy Election. Results:  Ada County and  Canyon County.


Most policies that are new to the district, amended existing policies, and proposed policies for removal are reviewed by the school board at three readings. A policy decision is finalized after the third reading.
FIRST READING (Start of the process)

Trustees approved with changes:

  • 262  Board Meetings

  • 262.1  Board Meeting Rules of Order and Procedure

SECOND READING (Amending part of the process)

Trustees approved adoption of the following policies new to the district:

  • 519  - Transgender and Nonconforming

  • 701  - Use of District Owned or Leased Vehicles

  • 704  - Establishing Bus Routes, Stops, and Non Transportation Zones

  • 720  - Activity Busing

  • 726  - Safety Busing

  • 734  - Transportation for Students in Foster Care

Trustees approved amendments of the following policies:

  • 407  - Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

  • 551  - Student Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Use

  • 561  - Administering Medications

  • 570  - Extracurricular and Co-Curricular Student Activities

  • 610  - High School Graduation Requirements

  • 730  - Student Bus Conduct

  • 699  - Technology Instruction and Determining Average Daily Attendance (ADA)

  • 712  - Student Transportation System

  • 716  - Transportation Liability Insurance

  • 722  - Unauthorized School Bus Entry

  • 738  - School Bus Drivers

  • 740  - Duties of School Bus Drivers

  • 1030  - Student Support Organizations

Trustees approved removing the following policies:

  • 572  - Eligibility and Participation in Interscholastic Activities

  • 575  - Transportation to School-Sponsored Activities

  • 679.8  - Transportation for Students in Foster Care

  • 700  - Student Transportation

  • 742  - Bus Driver Conduct

  • 746  - Bus Warning Violations


Trustees approved the consent agenda including:

Trustees moved one item, Lift  Station, from  the Consent Agenda, discussed and approved the request with the condition that an additional bid be solicited.